Madam C. J. Walker Fact

Madam C.J. Walker fact is here.You should be known with Madam C. J. Walker. Her real name is Sarah Breedlove. She was an African American entrepreneur. She also a philanthropist and the first female millionaire in America. She was born on December 23, 1867. She became a millionaire because of her a line of beauty and hair products for black women. She developed it and marketed it in her company named Madame C.J. Walker Company.

Madame C.  J. Walker’s Life

She was born in Delta, Louisiana. She had a sister and four brothers. She was the first child, and her mother died because of cholera. Her father remarried and died afterward. Then, Sarah married with Moses McWilliams, but when her child was two years old, her husband died. Sarah worked as a washerwoman and barely earned more than a dollar a day. However, it was determined to make enough money, so her daughter can get the formal education.

Sarah got severe dandruff and other scalp ailments, and she developed baldness. Since most of the Americans did indoor plumbing, central heating, and electricity, they seldom to wash and bath their hair. Therefore, she learned about hair care from her brothers that owned a barbershop in St. Louis. After she learned about hair and hair products in Annie Malone, she married Charles Walker. It was the starter of her career. Before her death, she pledged $5,000 to the NAACP’s anti-lynching fund. She died at Villa Lewaro on May 25, 1919, because of the complications of hypertension in her age was 51. At her death, she was considered as the wealthiest African-American woman in America. However, in New York Times, she said that she was not a millionaire, bus she hoped her daughter can be the next millionaire.

The Walker System Worked

Her business system included a shampoo, a pomade to help hair grow, and many more. One of it is iron combs to hair, and this method can brittle hair into the soft and luxurious hair. The manufacturing company employed women and they need do dress in special white shirts and black shirts uniform. They also carry black satchels. Her products were packaged in tin containers with her picture and it was accompanied by heavy advertising. She well had known in the US and more widely in the 1920s.

Madam Walker also provided various scholarships and awards. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Oakland Bay Area chapter, held it. Many related programs were offered; include the madam Walker Theatre Center. The awards that are presented to individuals are the Madame C. J Walker heritage award as well as a young entrepreneur and legacy awards.  She became the inspiration for women. She gave much knowledge for women that they can reach their goal and dream too. They can earn money too and it is called gender. She gave a new spirit for most women in the world. Her company is still sexist until today and it has much other building with her name; exclude the scholarships and award of her.