Hernando de Soto Facts – His Role in Colonial America

Hernando de Soto was an explorer from Spain. He was born in the same place 1500 years ago. He was exactly from Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain. Since the emergence of his career, he was believed to be the very first person to embark on an European tour. This even lead to a deeper expedition which was now very much observed in the United States. This will always be a crucial part of Hernando De Soto Facts. Before the expeditions, he was found in Peru. This was the reason why it was believed that he had participation the trade of slavery.

What are other interesting notes to consider about Hernando De Soto?

First of all, De Soto came from a poor family. Despite this though, theirs is a really noble one who he can be proud of. This is for one point to take down note. Even though they were not rich, Hernando was still able to pursue his education. He obtained his degree from University of Salamanca. This took place because of Pedro Aria Davila’s help. He was just too generous to be of assistance during that time. The family of Hernando, during that time, would want nothing but to be a lawyer. However, this was not followed because he had always dreamt of being an explorer. Afterwards, Davila invited De Soto to be a part of the expedition. Davila was Darien’s governor during that time. He was able to embark on the journey at the age of 14. This was the time when he sailed to the West Indies.

When he reached 32, Hernando became an important part of the conquering of Peru. This was even made true as for the whole capital of the Incan Empire. This was in Cuzco. With the presence of the Incan gold, he then came back to Spain. This occurred in the year 1536. He was given a share of gold this time, 8 ounces of it actually. His group then decided to go another journey, this time – North America. There were like 10 ships here, and almost 700men were involved in the process. On April 6, 1538, he had to stop becoming a part of the expedition. This was the time when they parted ways.

The aforementioned led to De Soto stopping just in Cuba. Just when he was on his way, he was able to complete the voyage all the way to the United States. The travel was even delayed this time. This was the instance when Havana went under attack. France was responsible to this. Burning also took place. It was De Soto who helped in rebuilding the city. He had the chance.

It came to a point when Hernando De Soto planned to be on North America again. This was on May 18, 1539. Just in the 25 of the same year, they reached and found Tampa Bay again. The crew of Hernando De Soto then explored the part of the United States. All of these played an important contribution in his mission.