Yoga Burn Review – A Comprehensive Check of the “Next Big Thing”

This is the Yoga Burn Review where we will discuss significant facts and figures that everyone interested in Yoga should know.

For the average woman, getting into shape has always been a struggle. Only a few numbers can really claim success in losing weight and getting into shape. Women are as busy, if not busier than men in today’s world. Between family and career, women hardly have the time to keep themselves healthy and happy at the same time.

That is what Yoga Burn brings to the table. It does not offer repetitive exercises, and it is not a type of a workout that needs you to spend long hours. You don’t need special equipment or gadgets to do the exercises.

What is the Yoga Burn program?

It is a body-shaping program specifically made for women. It is a digital form of workout guides that can be downloaded and stored in smartphones, desktops or laptops.

It is a one-of-a-kind weight-loss program that is natural and healthy in its approach. It is the ultimate guide women of today need to achieve weight loss and have that desirable shape that they have always wanted.

Yoga Burn adopts the 3-phase approach and referred to it as Dynamic Sequencing.

About the Author

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and a fitness expert. She has the experience in teaching different types of Yoga for more than a decade across North America.

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Customer feedback and testimonials

A lot of the people who tried the program were able to see results in just a few weeks. Different Yoga Burn reviews are pure satisfaction and happiness from those people who find it difficult to be in shape. Moreover, a lot of the fitter women were also happy because of the power and energy that the system provides.

The Yoga Burn program – how does it work?

The success of Yoga burn can be attributed to Dynamic Sequencing. It is the way in which the program shows you the proper movement of each of the steps. In addition, it also teaches you how to adapt and continue to raise the bar at the proper moment that your body is starting to get used to the routine.

When your body gets used to the routine, it is forced to change and adapt. This helps in shaping the feminine body, that not only will it look better, but feel better as well.

The 3 phases are presented to you in video format and are presented in a not-so-boring fashion. You will be surprised on the different poses you will do each and every time.

Each video lasts for 45 minutes and can be performed anytime, anywhere. It is encouraged that each 45-minute video be completed in a week’s time. It is also suggested that the bonus video be squeezed in every program. The focus of the bonus video is to enhance your emotional well being, self-confidence, and happiness.

The three phases are as follows:

Phase 1. Foundational Flow. Exactly as the name implies, a solid Yoga foundation has to be built first. Strong Yoga practice is taught during the first 4 weeks. It then shapes your muscles; this phase is enjoyed by both the advanced and beginners. Other than executing the proper form, it is also taught in this phase the mind-body connection. This connection is vital in calling the muscles when needed once you move up to the next 2 phases.

Phase 2. Transitional Flow. This phase will teach you to combine the movements learned in phase 1. By combining different movements, it allows the burn of more calories and get your heart beat up a bit. The focus in this phase is the large muscles groups. There are also 3 workout videos in this phase, the Upper Body, Lower Body, and the Core. Transitions from one pose to the next are also highlighted in this phase.

Phase 3. Mastery Flow. In this phase, all that was taught in the previous 2 phases will be combined and executed together. This raises the bar a lot higher since all poses and movements will be done with the transition in every step. By doing so, it impacts your metabolism and transforms your body.

Each video is different from the previous ones since there will be more repetition of each pose. The purpose of this phase is to tire out your muscles; these are designed to do more in less time. It’s also made to strengthen and boost mental focus while doing all these poses and transitions.

Can everyone perform the exercises in the Yoga Burn program?

Yoga Burn can be done by women of all health levels. It can even be done by pregnant women as well. The design of the program is suitable for all women from all walks of life. The Dynamic Sequencing aids in ensuring the basics can be learned and then teaches individuals to progress to more challenging poses. Modifications are also available in the video, should you find the poses and transition too challenging for you.

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One has to remember, this is not just to those who want to lose weight. This can be served also to those who are already fit. Many women benefit from this program by having increased energy, improved and effective metabolism, and an overall healthier and happier life.


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Final Thoughts

This may be the program that is right for you to stop failing and start the getting the body of your dreams. But of course, the only way to find out is to try it for yourself. That is if you are ready for a change and are committed to sticking to the program, you will achieve the goals you set for yourself. You do not have to spend long hours working out in a gym. The product offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to those who think that the program does not work for them.

You can find hundreds of different Yoga Burn reviews around the Internet. Although not all reviews discuss that the program is positive, a majority of those still say that it’s an effective program in shaping your body.

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