French Wine For A Flat Belly Review – Unmasked!

In this Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for A Flat Belly review, we’ll talk about how the program can be the long-lost answer for you losing weight. This program uses a different kind of approach, which makes it so interesting. Let us take a look at what makes this program different from the others and know what this program has to offer.

Finding a weight loss program in reality is not too difficult. What’s difficult is to get the desired results. Most of the products and methods for weight loss programs are either misleading or not true at all. I would not call them a scam, but rather, they are untrue to their promise.

People are misled by the promises of other programs because, expectations were not set properly. They never expected that for them to lose weight, they had to go on strict diet. They have not figured that for them to lose weight, they had to do some extensive workouts.

Flat Belly Revolution

Losing weight and fat is never an easy task. You need to watch what you eat, you need to spend time working out, or buy expensive equipment or gadgets. With Flat Belly Revolution, you do not have to do all those things. This is so impressive because this program will not tell you to stop eating what you love to eat.

About the Author

The Flat Belly Revolution is a weight loss program that was created by Thomas Newman. He thought of this program after pointing out the difference between the eating habits of the Americans and the French.

Thomas Newman is a veteran of the second Iraqi War. He participated in the Operation Iraq Free. An expert in weight loss and a personal trainer who transformed the lives of many people through physical fitness.

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He tried to know how different the food preparations are; what ingredients the French used in the preparation of their food. He then thought that other than the food what else could be the difference? He then looked at how the French eat?

He noticed that the French eat more fatty food compared to the Americans, yet they enjoy better cardio and they are not overweight. Furthermore, the French consume more wine than the Americans. They drink wine every meal. Which made him look into the composition of the wine that is so popular among French people.

He discovered that the French wine contain polyphenols, which are phytochemicals. These are chemical compounds produced by plants used to fight pathogens. Their role is to increase the number of gut bacteria or lactobacillus and destroy the fat cells. The health benefits are not limited to breaking down the fats cell around the belly area, but it is also believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthens and increases energy levels.

Polyphenol compound are often found in the skin of the grape fruit – grape is the main ingredient in the making or the creation of wine.

What is included in the Flat Belly Revolution?

The Flat Belly Revolution diet plan includes a list of food rich in polyphenols. Of course number one on the list is the French wine. Another powerful ingredient that we tend to overlook is the use of olive oil instead of butter. When we cook we usually use butter for frying, use olive oil instead because it has high polyphenol content.

The Flat Belly Revolution promises that in 30 days, you will lose 20-45 pounds. That is of course if you follow the program religiously. Meaning, in just a short amount of time, you will be able to get your weight goals and that slim figure that you always dreamed of.

We mentioned earlier that this weight loss program is unique, that is because for you to cut on weight, you recommended to drink 1 glass of wine per day. Now I do not think there is a diet plan as good as that.

List of food rich in polyphenols is included in the guide. Polyphenols do not only help you cut weight, but it also improves one’s digestive system, helps with your cardio condition, and diabetes.

Foods rich in polyphenols are easy to find. Included in the list are the food that are available in your local grocery store.

Another disadvantage other weight loss programs have is that you are forced to change your ways right away. Unlike Flat Belly Revolution, it gradually takes to one step-at-a-time to a different level; they call it the step-wise process. They are simple-to-follow steps that slowly guide to the different aspects in the program.

Before giving the pros and cons, let me help you decide whether this is the right program for you. This program is backed by clinical studies. It is scientifically proven to red grape juice contains high ellagic acids which destroys fat cells and proved that it hinders the growth of new ones. It also contains polyphenols, which based on science, helps in the reduction of weight.

Customer reviews and testimonials

To summarize different Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly reviews, they all point to one thing – that the program is highly effective and recommendable if you’re part of the demographic who are looking to cut down weight without drastic and sudden changes to diet.

In addition to that, feedback also said that they’re actually enjoying what the program is because they’re getting used to drinking wine every meal. Not only that it’s enjoyable, it’s actually also healthy.


  • Great diet plan;
  • Easy to follow steps;
  • Does not only help you cut weight, gives so many health benefits as well;
  • Easy to find ingredients;
  • Does not tell you to stop eating;
  • Enjoyable, safe and fun; and
  • 60-day money back guarantee;


  • Available only online;
  • Digital format only; and
  • Not possible to those allergic to alcohol

Bonuses and addons upon purchasing the package

  • Get Energized
  • The Sex Drive Stimulator
  • Pilates Power

Eating what you want with no exercise and still have that desirable figure just because of a daily glass of wine, just does not sound right. But as I always say, what works for John does not mean will work for Peter.

If you think that you have tried everything and anything about losing weight, then you might want to include Flat Belly Revolution in your list. If you feel that this is the right program for you, you may visit their official website
. Order only from their website to ensure authenticity and to avoid being scammed. It also ensures that you get the authentic product plus the bonuses. The price is $37 and you can immediately download it after paying.

Final Say

By looking at different Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly reviews, it’s safe to say that the program is not only legit, but is heartwarming as well. By inculcating the culture of a European lifestyle to whatever culture you have is kind of an appealing thing to do. It’s healthy and it’s fun although you might have to watch how much you drink, it’s still a good way to cut off weight.

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