Complete and Honest Neurossential Review and Product Guide

The brain is regarded by many as most important part of the body as it controls every possible physiological function. Every day, it sends millions of nerve signals and processes large chunks of information in order for the body to operate smoothly. Because it constantly exposed to stress, it pays to take supplements that can help you boost brain function as well as protect its cells from damage.

One of the thousands of brain supplements in the market is Neurossential. It’s made from 100% pure ingredients that can help prevent brain and neural damage. To know more about the product, we recommend reading our honest and well-detailed Neurossential Review.

A Brief Introduction 

Neurossential is a natural food supplement that helps boost brain performance. It is also designed to improve brain health and sharpen mental focus. Most customers ingest Neurossential to help boost their brain function, while others use it to prevent or treat neural-damage-caused diseases such as tinnitus, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Plus Labs, The Company Behind Neurossential

Health Plus Labs is a Gibraltar-based company that focuses on creating all-natural supplements that can lengthen and improve the life of a person. All of their products meet the high quality standard set by the food supplement industry. They aim to find nature’s best ingredients and combine them to create remedies that can induce long-term health benefits.

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How Does It Work and What are Its Component?

Neurossential is claimed to be nootropic, so it contains cognitive enhancing Ingredients. It is also claimed effective in treating nerve-related disorders such as tinnitus. According to the label, the Neurossential ingredients are as follows:

  • Buchu Leaves – a popular medicinal plant grown in southwestern Africa. It’s used to treat several health problems such as arthritis, high blood pressure, nerve aging and urinary tract infections.
  • Urva Ursi –  widely studied for its ability to shrink mucous membranes which mostly swells during an infection.
  • Hawthorne Berry – best known as a heart tonic and nerve relaxer. It is also used to treat anxiety, manage pain and control sleeping disorders.
  • Juniper Berry – helps improve brain chemistry and sleep patterns. Its essential oil is used together with rose, sandalwood and orris to manage insomnia.
  • Green Tea – highly rich in antioxidant that protects cells from intense radical damages. Its also seen effective in boosting cognitive function.
  • Garlic – contains chemicals that helps prevent cellular damage as well as body infections or inflammations.
  • Hibiscus Flower – contains antidepressants. It is seen effective in calming and relaxing the nervous system.
  • Olive leaf – like green tea, it also contains high amounts of antioxidant, which is useful in preventing neural damage.

The supplement also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals such B complex, zinc and copper that can help you boost other body functions.

Efficacy and Side Effects of the Product

The available online Neurossential Reviews have positive feedback on the efficacy of the Neurossential, most specifically in treating the underlying cause of tinnitus. Thanks to its healthy mix of natural ingredients it yields to impressive results.

Aside from its healing capability, it is also seen effective in boosting brain function and memory and correcting sleeping patterns. As claimed by the product manufacturer, Neurossential does not illicit any ill side effects because it’s made from natural ingredients like hawthorne berry and green tea leaves.

Most of the users of Neurossential claim that they felt positive results an hour after they ingest the supplement. But, for best results, you should use it daily for a long span of time. Expect to see more results within 2 to 3 weeks of consistent use.

Who Uses Neurossential?

Thanks to Neurossential’s high concentration of brain-protecting vitamins and minerals, a lot of individuals use it regularly. Here are examples of people who use Neurossential:

  • Individuals who wish to increase their brain function
  • Patients suffering from mild to chronic tinnitus
  • Individuals who have problems with their memory
  • Individuals who want significant energy level increase

How Much Does it Costs?

It’s unlikely to find a Neurossential Coupon OR Discount on any other marketplace because the product is only sold on the manufacturer’s website. They sell one bottle of 60 capsules for $69 but if you want to save money, you should try purchasing 3 bottles for $177.

You get to save $30 if you purchase more bottles in one order. For repeat customers, they offer larger discounts when you purchase in 6 bottles.

Where to Buy A Bottle of Neurossential?

You won’t find a bottle of Neurossential elsewhere except for the website of Health Plus Labs. As of the moment, Health Plus Labs products are only sold online. Apart from the product, you can also find other food supplements in the manufacturers website.

You can place an order no matter where you are in the world. They ship to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Ireland for free. If you are from other locations, they will ship it to you for a small change.

Each order is processed within 5 days and it takes at most 20 days to deliver an order, depending on your location. There might be delays if they have a large volume of orders.

In case they can’t deliver the package on time, you will receive a notification from the company via email or a telephone call.

Ways You Can Reach Customer Helpline

If you have problems with the product, you can reach the company by filling out their contact form: If you don’t like the product, there’s a 60-day guarantee, so you can return it to the manufacturers and get your money back.

Final Verdict

If you search for “Neurossential Scam” or “is Neurossential Legit?” you won’t find anything online because the product is indeed the real thing. It’s proven effective in quieting down the buzzing sound in the ears of patients with tinnitus.

It’s also made from 100% natural ingredients like hawthorne and juniper berries. There are a number of Neurossential benefits that you can enjoy once you start drinking the product on a regular basis.

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