Chobani Nutrition Facts – Is it time for yogurt?

If you are on a diet, you have surely come across plans that you are most likely to pursue. There is a big possibility for this to occur that is for sure. It is not just about having a concrete plan for the exercise. The eating routine is also another. In this sense, it may be the time for you to take Chobani Nutrition facts into consideration. It is about time.

More about Chobani

Chobani is always popular for the promotion of low fat yogurt. This has been cultured by pasteurization of nonfat milk. This is made with live, cream and even active cultures. What else can be remembered about Chobani?

The yogurt does not come with any GMO ingredients. This sets it apart. Aside from that, there are also no artificial flavorings that many people are sort of used to. Preservatives are also not present. The sugar has been made lesser with only 40%. This is based on the data given by USDA. The milk is usually derived from cows which are not treated with any growth hormones artificially. This is one of the reasons why it can be a great source of protein. This may eventually include active and live cultures. There are also three kinds of probiotics available in Chobani.

At the end, there is no modified cornstarch seen in the yogurt. This is only of high fructose which is a corn syrup. For those who are asking, it is also free from gluten. It has been certified by Kosher and this friendly towards vegetarians out there who want to give their diet a new flavor and taste.

What Reviews Say

Prior to munching the yogurt, it is advisable to read on reviews in order to assure what it can really do and has to offer. This is vital to be missed. Basically, mixed reviews were given for the yogurt. The first time it hit the blogging scene, lots of health enthusiasts are fond of it. As a matter of fact, they wrote some outrageous entries with the utilization of free samples they have. Free samples were received. These occurred through mail and since then, the yogurt was used in cooking and baking. Until now, this is still observed. There were claims saying that this only happened because of the marketing team of Chobani. Is this to be believed?

As for the taste, a lot of people would surely agree that it is just delicious. There is definitely no doubt about this. This received lots of attention because of the amount of protein it comes along with. It does not come with a lot of sugar and that is a reality too. This is why the yogurt suddenly appealed to individuals who do not want to gain weight. This may even be reflected in the label found on the packaging. The only thing a lot of people are questioning would have to be the word natural found on the label. There is no evidence with regard to this and so it is for the buyers to judge.