Samuel de Champlain Facts – Who is Samuel?

In the year 1603, a person named Champlain made his way to North America. This occurred through an expedition referred to as the Francois Grave Du Pont. This was the time when the pair sailed with the presence of St. Lawrence. This was directed towards St. Lawrence and even in the Saguenay Rivers. There are various Samuel de Champlain facts. Samuel was known for being a Brouage. He was from France and this was true way back in the year 1567. Since that time, he turned out to be an important explorer in the history of French and North American. These were mapped all over Canada.

History in the Making in France

Champlain was the one responsible in returning to Quebec. This occurred in the year 1604. This was the case in the so called Pierre de Mont’s expedition. It was Champlain who initiated the exploration in the coast involving Nova Scotia. This was directed towards Bay of Fundy. The coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine were involved here. Champlain took charge in the first colonization. This involved the New World most especially on the Port Royal. This was the case in the year 1605. This spanned until 1608. The first colonization became permanent in France. This was also observed in the Lawrence River. During this time, the colony initiated in the fur-trading center. The most unfortunate thing here is that as for the time of the French settlers, these were not very much accustomed to the winter of Canada. In the colony of 32 settlers, there were only nine individuals who got to survive in the winter. There were also colonists who would be sent away from France. These were reinforced by the colony after.


In the year 1609, it was Champlain who lent a hand in the fight of Huron Indians. This was against that of Iroquois. This led to the bitterness between that of Iroquois and French. The exploration of New York upstate was done by Champlain. The same is also true with the various parts of Eastern Michigan and Ontario. The rest of his life was since then spent in the management of Quebec settlement. Later on, he died. This happened because of stroke in 1935.

Other Amazing Facts about Champlain

The exact birthdate of Samuel was never known. Most claims suggest that it happened in 1570. This will still have to be verified though. Among his adventures, one of the most unforgettable is the expedition he had with his uncle. This was observed in the Saint-Julien ship. As a matter of fact, the said ship was owned by his uncle. This was the time when they travelled to Cadiz in order for Spanish troops to be transported. They were accompanied then by a quite large fleet going to the West Indies. It was during that time when Samuel had to accomplish his very uncle in the journey itself. This was known as the opportunity to hear about the so called Spanish holdings. This took place from Caribbean to that of Mexico.