Orcas Whale Facts – how killer are they?

Orcas may sometimes be referred to as killer whales. The very name of it can be terrifying, right? However, little do people know that they are unlikely to attack humans. Even if that is the case, the name of it has been intelligently chosen because it does not have the ability and capacity to take down enormous animals like whales and sea lions. This differs them from whales and sea lions. There is just a possibility for this to prey on whatever animal there is. This is always included in most Orcas Whale Facts around.

More about Orcas

Yes it is true that orcas do not attack human beings. What they prey though are animals. This may be of any type they find in air, water or even sea They can even kill whatever there is in the coastline. In order for hunting to occur, these orcas use their enormous, massive teeth. These can grow for about 10 inches long.

When it comes to the size of orcas, these are considered to be of long dorsal fin. The fin is found on the back of the animal. There is also this black and white coloring. As far as the back of the dorsal fin is considered though, there is a patch visible which is termed as the saddle. This is termed like that because it is synonymous to being on a saddle. The body of orcas can be tapers and cylindrical. The ends of both can form a shape of aerodynamic.

Based on the research done by National Geographic, these species will be the largest. This is true in looking upon the dolphin family. They can even weigh up to 6 tons. If converted, this goes for around 5.443 kilograms. Aside from this, they have the ability to even grow. They can do this from 23 up to 32 feet. This can be as long as a school bus. In the history, the largest orca has reached 32 feet. This was based on the findings of Sea World.


Killer animals will always be disturbed animals. They are on the list alongside with humans. Their main habitat is the ocean of course. They also like to be in seas which surround a lot of coastal countries. They can also adapt very well into whatever kind of country there is. For instance, they can be in the warm waters. They can do this just near that of the equator. They can also be in icy waters. This may be in the North or even South Pole regions. With that said, orcas will always be found in the higher latitudes. These may all just be near the shore. That is for sure.

The said animal will not be staying in an area alone. There are documentations saying that they travel from one place to another. There is even a study suggesting that there has been a fleet of orca travelling from the waters and then going to Alaska. This may be near that of California.