It is known as a fact that stink bug is a kind of insect which is a part of the shield of bugs. There were claims that they were originally from Japan, Taiwan and China. Most of the available stink bug facts around say that they can be found at agricultural fields, orchards and as well as gardens. These may be very near to the settlements of humans. Basically, such pests were now situated in most countries. They may even be outside their native range. This occurs because they are very much in need of agricultural crops and fruits.

For every year, stink bugs might have inflicted damage. What is even surprising is that even if they are small, they might have caused millions of losses. No one ever saw this coming. Individuals should therefore not eradicate the bugs because they come with their own natural enemies too. They even have the capacity to have pesticides tolerated. This is how powerful they can be. That is why they have the innate ability to just kill other sort of bugs there are.

Other Facts

First of all, it has to be learned as a fact that the stink bug can reach up to ¾ length. It may also be brown, green or grey. It goes with a Dorsal part of its body too. This is eventually covered with gray, reddish, white and black markings. It is also popular because of the marmorate stink bug it goes along with. Its coloration is a consistent resemblance of a marble. With that, it goes with a shield protection. The three pairs of legs the bug goes along with, coupled with the long antenna sealed the deal. The bug may feed on leaves, flowers, caterpillars and fruits. They can also eat citrus fruits, tomatoes, soy beans, apples, sunflowers, raspberries, grapes, green beans, cucumbers and even plums.

The bugs can bite. They do this whenever they are being threatened. Do not underestimate them because their bite can be quite painful. They can even leave the skin red. At some point, swelling may also be experienced. There is also a foul odor released by the insect in an occasional manner. There are individuals out there who want to describe the given sent as a sharp and cilantro synonymous smell. Basically, these stink glands can be found in between the second and first pair of the legs they have. It has always been like this.

Usually, the unpleasant stink of the bug goes with a not so good taste too. There are species of fish, including bluegill for example that will just spill this out and it may stink the bug so bad. This is observed in the accidental swallowing of it. There are animals like cardinals, mice, spiders, lizards, wasps, praying mantis, wheel bugs, ground beetles among others that eat bugs. The bugs also have low tolerance when it comes to cold weather. This is another character they have been observed with. There are even occurrences when they will just hibernate because it is winter.