Simple Integumentary System Facts

The integumentary system of the body is made up of the skin, nails and body hair. This is considered to be a vital organ system. Needless to say, it is responsible in ensuring that all of the body organs are protected. Aside from this, the bones, muscles and tissues of the body will be able to accomplish a pretty good amount of function through its presence. This is stated in a lot of integumentary system facts indeed. Without any amount of doubt, it can be said that it is indeed a large organ. It can absorb most of the nutrients coming from the sun. This is also true for any sort of sources there are.

A Closer Look at Integumentary System

The contribution of the mentioned system cannot be overlooked. This is true as far as the homeostasis of the body is concerned. This can regulate the temperature and at the same time, this will also eliminate the waste products through the form of sweat. Because there is a reasonable turnover rate, the person is most likely to shed off 8 pounds of his or her dead skin every year. Little do people realize that the body is waiting for dead skin to be gotten rid of. This is the case of it all the time.

When it comes to the structure of the skin, this is divided into most distinguishable parts. These are the hypodermics, epidermis and dermis. It is known as a fact that the dermis is the layer part of the skin. This has always been thick and it is made up of tons of connective tissues which are also rich in collagen and elastin. Basically, there are major tasks assigned to the said dermis. This comes with the storage of water, vitamin D production, temperature regulation, blood supply and the acting of cushion which is meant for the entire body too.

The hypodermis on the other had is built up of fatty tissues, collagen-rich connective tissues and even the subcutaneous layer. This is true for the skin. As for the conservation of heat in the body, the fatty substances are stored all the time for the separation of muscles from the presence of skin as well. The job here is the said separation. This is true for the skin’s innermost layer. This will be involved in the process.

In times of emotional stress, most people experience goosebumps. This is a kind of reflex erection when the hair of the skin responses to skin irritation and whatever pressure one is feeling. Basically, there are small muscles in the skin. These are termed as arrestor pili. This is the reason why chills may be experienced once in a while.

Every part of this skin hair goes with an arrest or pili muscle. This may even be witnessed extending from the very presence of the dermis itself. This will even attach to the follicle of the hair later on, just above its bulb. The hair can also show sensitivity. This is another quality that is no longer a secret to anyone.