Okra nutrition facts –the truth

Okra is sometimes referred to as lady’s finger. Sometimes, it is also called bamia. Ever since, it is considered a famous vegetable probably because of its nutritional value. This originated in the North-East Africa. It happened during the time when they are green. This can be the juncture when they are tender. In the end, this is the realization of their immature stage. There are tons of Okra nutrition facts that will support claims of okra being of high value in nutrition.

Ever since, the plant has been cultivated in warm and tropical regions. That kind of temperate is what it prefers to be in. This is the case all over the world. as a matter of fact, even pods and fibrous fruits are just within reach. Bamia can also grow in manure and well-drained soil. Such soil only has to be rich.

The Health Benefits

There are tons of benefits that may be realized upon eating okra. This is the reason why many are encouraged to make this a part of their diet.  It would really mean a lot if they are in the plan. So what can be expected from the given vegetable?

  1. Most of the bamia pods are in low calorie vegetables. They have the capacity to provide 30 calories which may be 100 g. This takes place because it does not come with any cholesterol and saturated fats at all. Dietary fiber is also another element to be expected. The same is also true with minerals and vitamins. All of these are present. These are mostly recommended by a lot of nutritionists and they can be made a part of programs for weight reduction.
  2. The pods can be a rich source of the so called mucilage. This substance is responsible in helping the body achieve smooth peristalsis. This is the answer towards the digestion of food. This normally happens in the gut in order for constipation to be eased. This is a way to handle the situation, that is for sure.
  3. The pods have vitamin A. There are also anti-oxidants present. These are usually flavonoid. Among these are also lutein, beta-carotene and xanthin. One of these vegetables are of the highest level and they are the best as anti-oxidant. There are also tons of compounds known. These also come along an antioxidant property. This is important in taking care of the eyes. Vitamin A will always be required for the maintenance of health. This is how mucus membranes are taken care of. Whenever natural vegetables are consumed, the oral cavity and lungs can be protected. That is for sure.
  4. Folates are found on fresh pods too. These folates are perfect during the period of pre-conception. This will help in the decreasing of neural tube incidence. This is also effective for offspring with defects.
  5. These pods may be the best source of various minerals. These minerals are calcium, manganese, iron and even magnesium. All of these are present and these can help many in terms of reviving their health. That is for certain.