Gregor Mendel Facts – Who is he?

Every student surely knows who Gregor Mendel is. His name can never be separated from genetics. As a matter of fact, he is dubbed as the Father of Genetics. This occurred ever since the breakthrough he had for laws of inheritance. As a matter of fact, he was the very first person to device the laws of inheritance. This is a chance to realize how hereditary is going to affect the generations coming. All of these are included in Gregor Mendel facts. There are even basic principles realized in these researches. What else can be learned about him?

Interesting Facts

Mendel was from the humble town of Austria. He was born there in the year 1822. The mentioned town has changed a lot. It turned out to be a great city situated in the Czech Republic. He was a child of a peasant farmer. Despite such, Gregor was able to pursue his studies. As a matter of fact, he turned out to be a mathematician and an expert in zoology, history, botany and the like. These were all obtained from the University of Vienna. There came a point though when he was not able to succeed in Physics. This was the reason why he could no longer proceed. He had to leave his studies and he even had to join the monastery so that he could become a monk.

Gregor Mendel had to select pea plant since this goes with an extreme short span of life. This was possible to ponder upon. There were changes in the generations of the said plant. There are also findings on the fast pace. All of these only show that Gregor Mendel was indeed a shrewd,and intelligent person. Since then, Mendel was able to grow 30 thousands pea plants. This was observed for fifteen years. There were also names for the plants. Even a single alphabetic character was then assigned for every generation of these pea plants. These traits were also given attention. They were of multiple levels and these are all present in the pea plant itself.

Experiments were also made on animals.  This was observed on the behavior of such species having to mate. He did this during his available times in the monastery. The traits of the mentioned were observed to be passed on to most off springs. This became one of the realities. The experiment though did not succeed that much. This was the reason why he did not pursue the experiment for the pea plant anymore. This was the time for him to quit.

It was Mendel who discovered that the plants can be either short or tall. From there, the resemblance of the tall parent was observed on hybrid offsprings. This opened a ton of possibility. In the year 1866,  his own work was then given a light in his book with the title Journal of the Brno Natural History Society. This did not have an impact at all though. It was not given a thought though, just not appreciated by most people as well.