Box Jellyfish Facts – Are they fatal?

People who love the beach have this unbelievable fear over jelly fish. This must have come from reports saying how dangerous the mentioned creature can be. For instance, there was this 10-year old girl, an Australian named Rachael Shardlow who was put into the brink of death after an experience. This occurred when she stumbled upon one of the dangerous creatures there is in Australia sometime in December. A broadcasting company in Australia reported this. When she was pulled from the water, the tentacles were seen wrapped around her legs. Even if a lot of Box Jellyfish Facts would say that the creature is just too dangerous to live by, she was able to survive from it beautifully.

The survival of the aforementioned girl baffled lots of doctors. The same was also true for tons of marine biologists around the place. There was even a miniscule amount of such jellyfish venom which was responsible in seizing up the heart. Eventually, it would stop and that is not healthy for anyone. That is for certain.

No official tallies ever existed. Even if that is the case, there were anecdotal evidences which suggest, saying that there are dozens of individuals who die from jelly fish, actually, a hundred of them. Many species were classified as box jellyfish. These exist in most oceans today.

The Danger of Jellyfish

In the Philippines, it has been reported that there were 20 up to 40 people who lost their lives just from the sting of the box jellyfish. This is an annual occurrence in the said country. Based on the figures derived from the U.S National Science Foundation, not everything has been recorded accordingly because there were countries which were not required to have some sort death certificate. Even if this is the case, underestimation is going on and this is starting to become pretty alarming.

Box jellyfish goes with species. There are actually 50 of them and they are all described and defined accordingly. These also have tentacles. As a matter of fact, they are covered in their traps which are biological booby. These are sometimes referred to as the cnidocysts. Every cnidocyst comes with a tiny dart. This is also packed with tons of poison which is responsible for the process of explosive envenomation. This is popular to most humans around the place. There was a paper and this was introduced in the year 1988. This was entitled the Medical Journal of Australia.

When the dart finally pierce the skin, the cnidocyst finally shoot the toxin can come through the needle and this will be for the victim. The toxin can enter the blood. This can bring dangerous spike and this is perceived in the blood pressure. This will somehow stop the heart. This can also kill the victim. As compared to other jellyfish, this comes with jellyfish which is agile swimmers. These can kill a lot of scientists. These will possibly arise in one set. Be on the look especially those who want to go around the beach.